Will you use your knowledge about accounting to support critical cash-management infrastructure?

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ArbeidsgiverTietoevry Banking ATM
BransjeBank, finans og forsikring, IT, Markedsanalyse
StillingsfunksjonØkonomi og regnskap/Regnskap, Forretningsutvikling og strategi, Produktledelse

At Tietoevry ATM in Trondheim our team of Product Owners and SW developers work every day to ensure that we can provide robust and reliable cash-management systems. The use of cash decreases but remains an important part of our society’s preparedness. Infrastructure and solutions for cash-management and -administration is in many European countries defined as critical infrastructure. Our SW solutions, tools and services cover the entire ATM value chain and make us a key player in an increasingly challenging marked.

As Senior Product Owner (PO) you will engage with our customers; banks and financial institutions across Europe to discuss requirements for new products and solutions building on our market-leading ATM product portfolio. You will support our Product Manager and other PO’s and Project Managers on validation of requests and specifications, and engage with our SW development teams to ensure that implemented solutions are in-line with accounting standards and principles. You will also get to focus on our technology roadmap and product strategies in close collaboration with our Business Developers.

Tietoevry ATM is growing with a 20% increase in head-count over the last couple of years. In light of the current situation facing geopolitical challenges and uncertainties, we are proud to be part of an organization providing key infrastructure across Europe.

What experience and qualifications would we like to see you bring along?

The most important traits that you bring along is a deep knowledge within the areas of General Ledger and Reconciliation and a drive to build and expand our marked, develop new solutions and products, and meet customer needs.

In addition it is beneficial if you can check-off on some of the following areas

  • Experience with leading delivery projects, product development, or processes
  • Good understanding of the bank/financial domain including cash administration
  • Hands-on experience with accounting or auditing
  • Experience from international work and a good understanding of how to navigate cultural difference across European countries
  • Good technical understanding
  • Experience with writing documentation, specifications, or similar
  • Excellent English skills is a requirement, other language skills can also be relevant
  • Higher education within accounting, auditing, finance or other relevant areas

What are your qualities as a person?

To succeed and thrive in this role we believe you to be independent, curious and conscientious. You should have excellent communication skills and enjoy discussions with people at all levels of an organization, from the CFO to the employees working in customer service. You always shape your message to your audience and know how to influence others rooted in a true interest in always understanding the other party’s perspective. You have the ability to prioritize and make sound decisions in a high-tempo working environment.

Some of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that lie with the role are

  • Stay up-to-date on the market situation and customer behavior
  • Provide project- and sales-support and give technical input to offers
  • Work with product strategy alignment
  • Give strategic advice about the product and service portfolio
  • Ensure that the delivery teams fully understand customer needs and technical requirements
  • Create and maintain product descriptions and documentation
  • Strive to keep up to date with the newest relevant technologies

Tietoevry as an employer

At Tietoevry, we promote a healthy work-life balance and a friendly, caring atmosphere. We believe that trust fosters freedom and creativity. Our culture is built on transparency and active sharing. Tietoevry as a company offers you a lot of challenges and vision for the future. We are committed to developing enterprises and society through information technology. We believe in openness, independent thinking and in giving our people the freedom to be their exceptional selves. With us you will have the opportunity to directly influence your career development. If you have a good idea, people will listen to you.

Tietoevry ATM is part of the business area Tietoevry Banking, mainly located in Trondheim. Our mission is to provide an integrated ATM solution that is fully proven and allows for end-to-end control throughout the supply chain across Europe. Although the use of cash is decreasing it is still an essential part of a well-functioning society and it is increasingly seen as important to have a robust and secure cash-management system in place as part of preparedness-plans.


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  • Stillingstittel: Senior Consultant
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