Schibsted Ecommerce is looking for a senior developer with a creative spirit

StillingstittelSenior developer
ArbeidsgiverSchibsted Ecommerce
BransjeIT, Medie- og innholdsproduksjon
StillingsfunksjonIngeniør, IT utvikling/Front-end, IT utvikling/Utvikler (generell)

Want to combine startup life with the support of a solid company?

Have you ever bought something on FINN? Or used HeltHjem to ship your product home? Maybe spread some morning magic by ordering Morgenlevering? Or at least read VG or Aftenposten? Schibsted has a vast portfolio of well known brands, which are all about empowering people in their daily lives. Now, our customers demand seamless and sustainable solutions when using our services. In order to attain that state of continuous, frictionless and footprint light flow of goods and services, a brand new team is being built: Schibsted Ecom. Our job is to define and develop the future of ecommerce, and we´ve just started building the team to do so. Today, the E-com team is very lean, consisting of three members - looking for the fourth important member: A top-tier senior developer, or maybe staff engineer?, with a passion for creating world class services.

Our new team's purpose is to generate innovative ideas and build sustainable and financially viable digital products and services within a growing domain of e-commerce. As a senior developer in Schibsted Ecom, you will work across a portfolio of familiar brands and future opportunities, in partnership with product managers, service designers, tech savvy juniors, and business developers.

As a senior developer in Schibsted Ecom, you will get a key role in a Schibsted venture with great ambitions for recommerce and circular economy.

Schibsted Ecom offers the best from a startup world, including a flat organizational structure and real lean life, combined with the safety, opportunities and the support of that of a solid company. By creating new, sustainable services, we aim to influence the consumption patterns of the future, and make sustainable choices smarter, simpler and more efficient. With Schibsted behind us, we will make people prefer smarter and greener consumption.Senior developer Ecommerce

Your responsibilities:

  • Be a hands-on engineer while still leading any technical infrastructural decision.
  • Indulge in being a generalist working on frontend, as well as backend problems, focused on solving those problems, and stop at nothing to get the job done
  • Have a sophisticated understanding of different agile approaches that you will ensure are being guarded and improved to fit your team's needs
  • Be an expert in understanding and prioritising when to integrate third party products vs building everything from scratch.
  • Define architectural roadmap based on business needs - where are we today, where do we need to be in a year and in the future.
  • Help your team build robust, scalable systems and products to ensure reliable delivery and operations of our systems
  • Maintain high levels of teamwork, transparency, and efficiency in collaboration with other development teams in Schibsted Ecommerce & Distribution, and in other parts of Schibsted

About you:

  • You are familiar with cloud computing
  • You appreciate a you build it, you run it-mentality
  • You’re proficient in English in verbal and written form
  • Have a track record of delivering successful products as an engineer and maybe even as a team lead
  • Want to take part in guiding continuous improvement of process and technology
  • Have a strong sense of ownership and take responsibility for the success of our organization
  • Have an ability to take smart risks and champion new ideas
  • Have the ability to thrive on a high level of autonomy and responsibility
  • Have seen best practice and have experience in building APIs
  • Excels in an environment involving different stakeholders

We offer:

  • The best of both worlds. Start-up spirit and lean life, but with a solid company behind you
  • You will be part of a high speed, inclusive and fun environment where openness, collaboration, innovation and passion are key
  • We support each other in our curiosity by encouraging knowledge sharing in a creative environment
  • We run various activities like internal tech forums, meetups, open tracks, and would love to hear your ideas on how to share your knowledge
  • Great opportunities to climb the career ladder in the Schibsted Group - we aim to provide our people with the best conditions for their professional development, either towards manager or Fellow positions
  • Flexibility to work where and (almost) whenever you want – we believe that balance is important
  • Competitive salary, pension and insurance arrangements

This opportunity is for you who:

  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, and you can build effective relationships with coworkers from different disciplines
  • Appreciate the freedom to create on your own, but also work well in teams
  • Are good at seeing the big picture, but also able to immerse yourself in details when needed
  • Go above and beyond to understand the customer pain and help deliver products that truly solve their problems.
  • Are able to positively influence your coworkers and support us in building a fully autonomous tech organisation.
  • Are curious by nature, constantly looking for new solutions, and rarely settle with the status quo

Nice to have:

  • experience working on e-commerce products
  • experience at a renowned high-growth tech startup


We offer competitive salaries based on your previous experience and skill sets.

The role is a fantastic opportunity to join one of Europe’s most exciting new initiatives within the circular ecosystem of e-commerce, and we would love to hear from you!

Eager to learn more before you apply? Contact our senior product manager Kristin Juland Møller at or +47 932 27 868. You can also contact our recruitment partner Pål Øverby at or +47 905 26 842 or Jens-Petter Arntzen at or +47 908 27 335 if you have any questions about the position or your application.


  • Kontaktperson: Pål S. Øverby
  • Stillingstittel: Partner/Headhunter - Raadgiverhuset
  • Telefon: +47 905 26 841
  • Kontaktperson: Jens-Petter Arntzen
  • Stillingstittel: Sr. rådgiver/headhunter
  • Telefon: +47 908 27 335


Adresse: Akersgata 55

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